Dear Guests,


We hereby inform you that under the current legislation*, from 1 September 2021 onwards, all guests using accommodation services in Hungary must have their personal data, as defined by law, recorded by the accommodation provider on arrival, via a document scanner, in the accommodation management software and then transferred to a storage space, the Closed Guest Information Database (VIZA).

Data to be recorded:

  • first name and family name;
  • first name and family name at birth;
  • place of birth;
  • date of birth;
  • guest’s gender;
  • citizenship;
  • mother’s first name and family name at birth (if contained in the identification document);
  • identity card or travel document identification data;
  • for third-country nationals** visa or residence permit number, date and place of entry.


To record the data, the guest using the hotel service must present their ID card, driving licence or travel document to the accommodation provider or hand it over for scanning via the document scanner. If the document is not presented or handed over, the accommodation provider will refuse to provide the hotel service. By law, the accommodation provider is entitled to ask for the guest's identity document and the guest is obliged to show it.


Please plan your travel and arrival accordingly!


If you or your travelling companions do not have a valid identity document at the start of your journey, we recommend that you check the conditions for issuing, exchanging and replacing Hungarian identity documents at the Government Offices in good time and take the necessary measures to ensure that all travellers have a valid identity document on arrival at the accommodation. In this context, we would like to inform you that, according to the law, the recording of data is obligatory for all guests using the service, so that it is not possible to waive the recording of data on the basis of age or other variables, e.g., the fee payable for the service, discounts, length of stay, or family relationship with the user.

Thank you for your kind cooperation!




  • Act CLVI of 2016 on State Duties Pertaining to the Development of Tourism Regions;
  • Government Decree 235/2019 (X.15.) on the implementation of the Act on State Duties Pertaining to the Development of Tourism Regions;
  • Government Decree 414/2015 (XII.23.) on the issuance of identity cards and the rules for the uniform taking of facial images and signatures.
  • Government Decree 584/2021 (X.14.) on the exemption from the obligation to present a document related to the use of hotel service for minors under the age of 14 during an emergency

** third-country national: persons as defined in Act II of 2007 on the Admission and Right of Residence of Third-Country Nationals

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