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Haracsi Guesthouse is located about 20 km from Kaposvár, in the Zselic Forest, next to Hotel Kardosfa***.

Kardosfa Forester's House, renovated in 2012, is named after Lajos Haracsi, a forestry engineer and scientist, who often stayed in the largest room of the house, spending his summer holidays with his grandparents. In memory of the past and in honour of Professor Haracsi, we have named the building "Haracsi Guesthouse".

Dr. H.C. Dr. Lajos Haracsi (1898-1978), a descendant of four generations of forester ancestors, was born in Toponár. He spent his childhood years with his forester grandfather in Kardosfa. He completed his secondary school in Kaposvár and obtained a degree in forestry engineering in Sopron. He defended his doctoral thesis in 1937 and qualified as a private teacher in 1943. He became an assistant lecturer and then head of the Study Forestry Department, where he also carried out forest protection research.

In 1948 he returned to Kaposvár, where he was forest director and general manager. During this period he was elected President of the National Forestry Association for two terms.

In 1951 he returned to Sopron as head of the Department of Forest Protection. He held this post until his retirement in 1968. In the meantime, he also served as Deputy Director and Dean of the Institute. He had a number of publications. In his first study, in 1930, entitled 'Two species of trees worthy of attention', he wrote, among other things, about the Somogy silver lime. "His textbook 'Forest Conservation' was published in 1953, and his book ‘Forest Phytopathology' was published in 1969 based on 25 years of research.

n 1951 he was awarded the title of Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in 1963 the Gold Degree of the Order of Merit of Labour, in 1966 the Bedő Prize, in 1970 the title of Honorary Doctor of the University and in 1974 the University Gold Diploma.

Wherever the forestry service called him, he always felt he came from Somogy and was proud to refer to himself as such. Whenever he could, he 'came home'. He regularly brought his students on study trips to Somogy. Here, his lectures in the forest were a great experience for his students.

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