Haracsi Guesthouse - The Rockenbauer Pál South Transdanubian Blue Trail in the Zselic (RPDDK-08 Kaposmérő - Abaliget railway station section)

Distance: 68 km
Height difference: 1,540m / 1,505 m
Duration: 19 hours 40 minutes

The route, named after the famous television editor and hiker, passes through Vas, Zala, Somogy, Baranya and Tolna counties. Along the way you can enjoy natural attractions such as the Zselic and Mecsek mountains. In 1989 there was already a blue-marked hiking trail, which Pál Rockenbauer and his crew walked and filmed, just like the NATIONAL BLUE TRAIL. The result was the film series ... and a million more steps, and shortly afterwards the Rockenbauer Pál South Transdanubian Blue Trail, which is still known today.

The route of the Rockenbauer Pál South Transdanubian Blue Trail takes you from Kaposmérő to Abaliget, on a three-day hike through the Zselic mountains.

Starting from Kaposmérő you arrive in Szenna, where you can make a short stop at the Open-Air Museum. From here you pass through Patca and hills to Szilvásszentmárton and then to Zselickisfalud. Passing through Kardosfapuszta, you reach the fishing lake between the hills, and then pass Ropolyi Castle to reach Pölöskei-rét (meadow). Passing through Simonfa and Gálosfa, you reach the slowly depopulating Szabás and then Felsőkövesd. After Alsókövesd you climb to the highest point of the Zselic, the Hollófészek (Raven’s Nest). The trail ends in Abaliget.

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